Our Mission

The association has the following objectives:
- To regularly review the dynamics of biomaterials used in Romania, to table the legislative and executive institutions, coordinate and / or to execute national programs and / or research topics related to procurement, testing, processing and use of biomaterials and biomaterials applications;
- To support any initiative that contributes to the formation and / or development of structured action on areas involving biomaterials and biomaterials applications;
- To participate in the development of normative technical documents, standards and legislative proposals - Organize and attend national and international scientific and technical activities related to biomaterials and related areas of interest;
- To support businesses, private institutions or state-owned scientific research work, expertise, consulting, forecasting, technical support, quality analysis, development of rules and standards in its field of activity under specified conditions of contract;
- Establish and maintain professional relationships with national and international profile of research and development, production, standardization, etc..;
- Support the professional and scientific interests of its members;
- To inform its members of developments and technical progress in the field of biomaterials and related areas;
- To contribute to improving the training of its members in biomaterials and biomaterials applications;
- To encourage and help members to publish their research results in joint publication, books and journals;
- To establish annual prizes for best papers published by its members;
- To edit their own publication "Bulletin of SRB and Romanian Journal of Biomaterials" (RJB);
- Support the participation of its members at congresses, symposia, internships, summer schools, talks, special exhibitions, organized at regional, national or international level
- To facilitate a broad exchange of experience, knowledge and ideas both within the association, and between it and other national and international organizations.

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