Directory Council of Romanian Society for Biomaterials

Governing body of the Scientific Association "Romanian Society for Biomaterials" is the General Assembly of the Romanian Society for Biomaterials, consisting of all members of the association. The General Assembly meets once a year in ordinary general meetings and in urgent cases at an Extraordinary General Meeting.

Management Association is managed by a Board of Directors consisting of: President, 2 Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary General (Executive Committee) and 8 members, which meets quarterly.

Administrative and economic activities are carried out by the administrative department of the association.

Activity in the territory of members S.R.B. is supported by the two branches of SRB
- S.R.B. - Subsidiary Transylvania in Cluj - President Prof Viorica Simon
- S.R.B. - East Branch, located in Iasi - President Prof. Corneliu Munteanu
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SRB Activity Report for 2012

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