Elections YSFro

Elections YSF-Ro

This way we announce that elections are held YSF-Romania Committee.
Eligible candidates to be part of this committee are young researchers in the field of biomaterials, SRB members, younger than 40 years (according to YSF @ BSE).

General Requirements for candidates:
- Desire for involvement and willingness to help improve communication, professional development and collaboration among young researchers
- Visibility in terms of research in the field of biomaterials
- Previous presence at conferences organized by SRB.
Other specifications: compulsory participation in other separate meetings are scheduled later, if necessary, communicate with SRB is required; communication YSF @ BSE is compulsory and is done by national representatives.

Applicants are asked to complete a letter of intent (which will be passed only personal data and intent to occupy one of the positions on the committee) and a CV in the form attached.
The 5 positions vacant are:
- 1 representative national
- 4 Regional representatives:
                East Branch Representative (London)
                 Representative branch Transylvania (Cluj)
               Representative Western area (Delhi)
                    Representative of the center (Bucharest)

At the session of the General Assembly SRB dated 7 December 2012 were made on these proposals (those candidates are asked to confirm their willingness to participate in elections at izabela.cristina.stancu @ gmail.com)
Olinici Doinita,
David Alexander,
Vranceanu Diana
Dragusin Diana Maria,
Ponta Oana,
Edi Constantin Tanase,
Cosmin Sinescu.

Candidates are invited to send applications (cover letter and CV) to address izabela.cristina.stancu @ gmail.com, no later than January 20, 2013.
We wellcome and salute most active applications YSF-ists!
Directors of research groups are asked to spread this message among young people in the group that I coordinate.

With best wishes and sincere greetings of "Merry Christmas!"
Izabela Stancu
YSF 2012 Announcement
CV Model YSF 2012

The Young Scientist Forum

YSF WebPage

The Young Scientist Forum (YSF) is an event, usually integrated in the annual conference of the ESB, that is aimed at discussing biomaterials education and training in Europe, emphasising the existing and emerging career, as well as research opportunities in the field. In these events discussion is fostered by creating an interactive environment amongst participants, thus promoting an enriching discussion on topics that concern everyone who graduated, or will do so, in Biomaterials. From the previous YSFs has resulted the creation of the "European Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Doctoral Award" (EBTEDA). The steps needed to apply/obtain this award are presented at http://www.esbiomaterials.eu/index.php?cid=Education. The European Society for Biomaterials is issuing a European PhD degree, which is a supplement to the PhD you earn from your university, adding EUROPEAN confirmation of your doctoral training and research.

YSF aims the fondation of national chapters commited to help the young researchers in the field of BIOMATERIALS. In this respect, in November 2008, during the BIOMMEDD’2008 conference, with the support of both RSB and ESB, the YSF-Ro has been created. ESB support has been evident through the active participation of the YSF Representative – Prof. Peter Dubruel and of the Chairman of the ESB Education Committee, Prof. Etienne Schacht. YSF-Ro is actually involved in: 1) organizing scientific events dedicated to young researchers and 2) enhancing the European collaboration and providing support for a broader attendance of both national and international scientific events by young Romanian scientists. In that aim, a collaboration with YSF-Germany (representative Dr. Shahram Ghanaati) has been already set up.

We are proud and pleased to mention here the appreciation shown to some of our colleagues in Lausanne, in September 2009, at the Annual Conference of ESB, The 22nd European Conference on Biomaterials. One out of the two European Doctoral Awards in Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering (EBTEDA) was presented to Dr. Mihaela Hamcerencu. Four out of the 12 Rudi Cimdins ESB Travel Awards, have been presented to the following Romanian colleagues: Balan Vera, Edi Tanase Constantin, Luciana Bostan, Teodora Zecheru. We do hope that these results are going to further motivate the Romanian young participation at national and international events.

The present YSF-Ro board has been named for two years; ellections are going to be organized.


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The 11th World Biomaterials Congress WBC 2020

Glasgow invites you to participate and share in the 11th World Biomaterials Congress WBC 2020 19-24 May 2020!
Early career researchers are welcome and the Congress will facilitate interactions with prominent senior investigators in the field as well as scientists from leading biomedical companies.


Society for Biomaterials (SFB)
2018 Annual Meeting & Exposition
April 11-14, 2018 • Hilton Atlanta • Atlanta, GA

SFB 2018 Website

Since its founding, Atlanta has been a hub of commerce and transportation, known for bringing together diverse people and ideas. Similarly, the Society has a long history of being the hub for multidisciplinary materials research and applied solutions for healthcare. Atlanta thus provides the perfect backdrop for the 2018 Society for Biomaterials annual meeting, which will act as a “nexus” to further opportunities for collaboration across diverse scientific disciplines, from biology and material science, to chemistry, physics, medicine and engineering.


the 29th Annual Meeting of the European Society for Biomaterials
September 8–13, 2018, Maastricht, the Netherlands

ESB 2018 website

A warm welcome to the 29th Annual Meeting of the European Society for Biomaterials that will take place on September 9–13, 2018 in Maastricht, the Netherlands! The theme of this year’s conference is “Materials for Life,” which expresses the challenge the field of biomaterials is currently facing: to provide effective and affordable biomaterials-based methods to repair and regenerate damaged and diseased tissues and organs.

ESB 2017 Announcement

28th Annual Conference of the European Society for Biomaterials (ESB), to be held in Athens 4 - 8 September 2017. The conference will take place in the Megaron Athens International Conference Center (MAICC), located at the heart of the city of Athens.

ESB 2017 Website

SFB 2017

SFB logo.jpg
The Society For Biomaterials’ 2017 Annual Meeting, will be held April 5-8, 2017 in Minneapolis, MN.
The theme is Where Materials Become Medicine. Registration for abstracts is open.
SFB 2017 Website

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The International Society for Ceramics in Medicine (ISCM) invites you to attend Bioceramics 29, the 29th Symposium and Annual Meeting of ISCM, from October 25th to 27th, 2017



BIOMAT-INOVA Competition

The Scientific Association ROMANIAN SOCIETY OF BIOMATERIALS organizes the national competition of research projects BIOMAT-INOVA, in accordance with Article 6 of the Statute which mentions that one of the objectives of the association science is "to coordinate and / or enforce national and / or research topics related to the procurement, testing, processing and use of biomaterials and biomaterials applications. "

The major objective of this competition is to support research projects Scientific Association members ROMANIAN SOCIETY OF BIOMATERIALS working in healthcare by funding research and development projects with high degree of innovation with concrete results and real impact on the market.

Project Proposals for BIOMAT-INOVA Competition will be sent as *.pdf files to biomat.inova@gmail.com

BIOMAT INOVA 2016-2020 List of Research Grants

INOVA Information package


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